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What is My Mission?

My mission is to help men realize their full potential through the process of outcomes outlined below.
In a modern society, where feminine energy is in competition with its
masculine counterpart, my goal is to help men embrace their own sources of inspiration and masculinity in dynamic ways.


Our e-book is a valuable resource designed to empower men like you on your journey to self-discovery and balanced masculinity. It's a practical guide that aligns with our mission, offering insights and tools to help you navigate life's complexities with confidence and authenticity.


"This analogy of a dating market proposes that attraction is akin to the search of gold and diamonds, whereas love is the search within us all to find deeper connections with others, humility, and conscience. This humility and conscience (two of the listed men tools) are within all of us, so it is akin to the air we breathe, as opposed to the diamonds we fight over and compete against. And finally, a man that follows the MenTaL Box approach to life will not let self-proclaimed dating experts question his value as a man."

Counseling Philosophy

My counseling philosophy centers on the intrinsic aspects of our being, which ultimately grant us greater control over external forces in our lives. The more we learn to validate ourselves, the less reliant we become on external forms of validation, including an unhealthy dependence on coaches. While other life coaching approaches may emphasize or market external sources of validation like money, status, and power; my approach instills a balance between internal and external sources.

I therefore understand the allure and practicality of external motivators, as they yield short-term results. However, my emphasis lies in nurturing internal sources of validation, which over time offer enduring value and cultivate a deeper sense of joy, self-assurance, and life purpose.

Coaching Outcomes

Embracing Fear & The Mystery of Masculinity

Overcoming Anxiety & Indecision

Controlling Emotions

Thinking Objectively

Combating the Vice of Overgeneralization

Developing Internal & External Confidence

Balancing Personality Traits/Self-Assurance

Fostering Healthy Relationships

Within my coaching program, I'm dedicated to aiding you in confronting the unknown and triumphing over your fears. I provide practical visualization strategies to spark your imagination to confront challenging situations head-on.

Throughout our coaching sessions, you'll find your own hidden strategies to effectively manage your anxiety and indecision.

The core of my coaching centers on emotional regulation. I collaborate with you to cultivate the essential skills for controlling emotions, ensuring they never obstruct your capacity to make rational decisions and take affirmative steps.

My coaching process will help you to harness your power of objectivity, which leads to a more internal sense of purpose, confidence, and personality development.

Our need to view ourselves and others in the simplest of terms (nice guy or jerk, winner or loser, etc) can be adjusted by learning to channel these tools accordingly in positive ways instead of identifying too much with each one.

My coaching philosophy revolves around building your confidence, externally at first, and more internally over time.  I'm here to assist you in fostering an unwavering belief in your abilities, liberating you from the constant need of external validation.

Understanding, balancing, and effectively harnessing ten unique personality traits, including but not limited to agreeableness/disagreeableness, are focal points of our coaching partnership. You'll discover how to adapt and thrive in diverse situations and develop self-assurance along the way.

A pivotal aspect of my coaching ethos is the cultivation of meaningful relationships. I'll help you uncover your own effective communication powers drawing in the right woman and people into your life.

A man achieving these objectives will shift away from the sole pursuit of short-term desires and instead cultivate longer-term joy and purpose. A man in search of his own inner validation will find gratitude for the simpler pleasures without being controlled by them. These objectives include, but are not limited to, the development of healthy bonding activities with family & friends, community engagement, financial stability, fulfilling hobbies; as well as healthy dietary, sleep, and exercise habits.

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