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Jesse Cohen

My Background

I am an educational counselor, and have been working in the college counseling field for over twenty years now. I am not a licensed mental health professional, and have chosen to work in the college setting because I have a  passion for helping people to help themselves in holistic ways. I have develped my own unique counseling style and philosophy over the years that promotes self-actualization and personality development. I have observed this self-actualization process in myself and other men over the years, as to why I have chosen to work exclusively with men. I have witnessed men, including myself, experience identity confusion over the last several years as social norms have been exponentially changing, and as men and women compete for the same jobs and careers. I grew up as an only child having a hard time channeling my masculinity in healthy ways, and went into counseling early on which is a predominately female profession. It wasn't until after my divorce that I fully learned to channel my masculine energy in balanced ways. I am offering one-on-one coaching sessions, and currently working on publishing my first ebook on the subject matter. My first online course for men ages 25 - 35 will soon follow as well. I can be reached at:

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